An electronic calculator is typically a portable e-device used to perform arithmetic operations on numbers., ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics.

Basic calculators use only for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, more sophisticated calculators help with exponential operations, square roots, logarithms, trigonometric, and hyperbolic functions. Some calculators act on all these functions by repeated addition processes. The first e-calculator was made in the earlier 1960s.

Even though math is not always anyone’s favorite subject, math is to be extremely important and educational. It seems terrible that so many students are not using calculators for half of their math careers and then suddenly can use them for everything math related. While a basic calculator will serve many students, more sophisticated calculators require for those working on complex assignments, earning advanced degrees, or already having occupations that require a lot of calculating.

Types of calculators

All through the past several decades, calculators have changed. Currently, a wide range of calculators from manufacturers like Casio and Texas Instruments are accessible to meet various mathematical needs. Let’s examine some of them.

1. Basic calculators

  • The four-function calculator, which can perform fundamental mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, is the most basic type of calculator.
  • Because they may fit in a shirt pocket, these are sometimes known as pocket calculators or hand-held electronic calculators. With a price tag of $5 or less, they are also the most affordable calculator.
  • Four-function calculators can produce decimal values and typically have a +, -, x, and / sign to signify the operations. Moreover, some contain a% buttons that are used to compute percentages.

2. Scientific calculators

  • The scientific calculator is designed for use in completing scientific calculations, as its name suggests.
  • Due to the need for it to be capable of performing trigonometric functions, logarithms, sine/cosine, and exponential operations, this sort of calculator typically has more buttons than a conventional calculator.
  • The display on a scientific calculator is more than many so you can see longer equations and more digits at once.

3. Graphing calculators

  • The scientific calculator and graphing calculator can do many of the same tasks.
  • But, a graphing calculator can plot equations on a coordinate plane, such as those involving more complex mathematics like trigonometry. For people who are visual learners or are taking a math course like calculus, which has a lot of graphing. It is a useful tool.

4. Financial calculators

  • The financial calculator is the last type of calculator an e-device used to solve financial difficulties that print calculations on paper tape for retaining tangible copies of records.
  • Typically, it may calculate the current, and future, rate of return, as well as other important financial concepts like return on investment. Anybody studying finance or working in the financial sector needs a financial calculator.

In this blog post, we will look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Calculators of All Time.

Who knew that something so simple could be so costly?

Let’s look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Calculators of All Time:

1. German 19th-Century Brass Calculator – $11.8 million

The German 19th-Century Brass Calculator, which sold for 11.8 million dollars, is noted as being one the top 10 Most Expensive Calculators of All Time. How much money would you spend on a calculator?

But what distinguishes this calculator from others in terms of price?

Why Is It Expensive?

  • It was projected that the model gets roughly 30,000 dollars at auction. In comparison to the 11.8 million it sold for, that represents a significant difference.
  • Two very tenacious bidders dramatically increased the price. The first occurred on the phone and the second was in the London-based Christie’s auction house’s salesroom.
  • Witnesses reported that Edgar Mannheimer won the bid over the phone since the atmosphere in the room was electrifying. Nobody anticipated such a massive sum to come from a calculator.
  • Mannheimer responded, “There is only one other in existence, and it is in a Stuttgart museum… It is incredibly rare and unusual,” when questioned about the acquisition. The auctioneer, Dermot Chichester, agrees that it’s the best item to hit the market in 20 years.
  • The cost of this calculator is comparable to some of the most expensive crown jewels. If it ever returns to auction, it’ll sell for a high sum, making it the most expensive calculator ever sold.

2.Thomas de Colmar's Arithmomètre – $313,000

Thomas de Colmar’s Arithmomètre is one of the top ten most expensive calculators of all time, which paid $313,000 at auction. In 2013, the calculator was sold to a French collector, who later included it in his collection.

A calculator, or arithmomètre in French, is the simplest definition of an arithmometer. Yet when Thomas de Colmar secured a patent in 1820, it became the first mechanical calculator robust and dependable enough to be used regularly in an office setting.

It gave so many people access to the mechanical calculator and was innovative.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • This commercial calculator, produced between 1851 and 1915, had a significant role in the widespread adoption of mechanical calculators due to its high accuracy and commercial use.
  • The only mechanical calculator used in commerce for 40 years was Thomas de Colmar’s Arithmomètre, which was sold all over the world.
  • But, the model that was sold to the French collector in 2013 was unique in terms of the packaging. The majority were protected in wooden boxes, but this 1835 example was lavishly protected in boulle.
  • Because of its elaborate designs on rarest materials like gold, silver, ebony, and tortoiseshell, Boulle was the most expensive luxury in France.
  • The engraved “Souvenir de l’Inventeur” on this model was a tribute to Emilie, the sister-in-law of de Colmar.

Its uniqueness grants it the distinction of being among the most expensive calculators.

3. Grillet Portable Calculator – $155,000

However, my buddy, things aren’t always valued for their configuration alone; sometimes, a thing’s value indicates how much significance and meaning it holds. We present the 257-year-old portable Grillet Calculator, which is the most expensive calculator in the world.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • Rene Grillet de Roven created the first portable calculator in history in 1763 utilizing the Nepier’s logarithm to do math operations and solve challenging division problems.
  • Although you probably won’t use it for math, I can assure you that you want to pay $155k on it just for its age. But seriously! Pricing doesn’t accurately reflect the value of this pocket-sized calculator because it created new opportunities from which we are now benefiting. So, you would assume that the price is reasonable.

4. Texas Instruments Cal-Tech Prototype – $68,825

It has more than 500 KB of RAM. The TI-92 Plus, which features 3D graphics and a separate QWERTY keyboard, is the calculator with the 15th highest price. Programs, functions, and crucial information are all in your memory.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • It supports almost 3000 mathematical applications with extremely smooth functions. A port and cable are part of the upgradeable flash technology that allows data to be sent to and received from computers and other devices.
  • This calculator comes in helpful for both financial and scientific uses.

5. Deakin & Francis 18 Karat Gold Calculator – $21,982

It seems impossible to build a working calculator out of only gold, but Deakin & Francis took on the task.

The Deakin & Francis Calculator, produced in 1990, costs $21,982 and is the most expensive 18-karat gold calculator.

Why It is Expensive

  • This $21,000 calculator lived up to its promise of being a fantastic gift for someone who already has everything they could want.
  • Being fashioned entirely of 18-karat gold contributes to its high price because the metal is one of the purest and most expensive golds available.
  • Additionally, the Deakin & Francis Luxury Calculator was only ever made in one instance. It is an elusive, custom-made, high-end product that no one else will make one of the most costly calculators.

6. Kenny Scharf Calculator – $20,160

This calculator is for you if you enjoy art. Unlike the preceding calculators, this one is more famous for its originality than its branding and computing prowess.

Because of its $20,160 price and exclusivity, the Kenny Scharf calculator is number 6 in the listed top 10 most expensive calculators.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • Gaining traction in the art world Since the 1980s, Kenny Scharf has been producing artwork and graffiti.
  • His unique style of work makes it prized by plenty of art enthusiasts and this handpainted calculator is no exception.
  • Even while the item still has an electrical cord, the calculator is no longer functional, and the price is now determined by how famous the artwork is.

If you can obtain it make sure you use a delicate touch with bright coloring and costume jewelry decals.

7. Pascal's Calculator – $16,325

In 1642, Pascal’s Calculator has a steep price tag of $16,325 by 19-year-old Blaise Pascal, and it was made to help speed up his father’s work of counting taxes.

The Pascal Calculator helps to simplify addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It is made with a brass body, a wooden base, 6 brass spoked inputting wheels, and 6 number cylinders. It is to be the first mechanical calculator in existence.

Why It’s Expensive

  • Only nine of the approximately 20 calculators Pascal built are still in use. Two models are in a museum in Clermont, and four are housed at the CNAM, a French engineering school.
  • It is a highly challenging item to obtain because the other three are in private collections.

8. Sui President Series Calculator – $1,922

In terms of technological developments, Japan ranks among the top nations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Sui President Series Calculator, which retails for $1,922, is manufactured in Japan.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • Sui takes pleasure in offering high-end office supplies that match opulent environments.
  • The Sui President Series Calculator can add graphics, company logos, color treatments, and even diamond adornments. It is created to order.
  • Every calculator is made of aluminum, and the hairline is treated to enhance the gloss of the natural element, but each personalization affects the price.
  • Four functions—arithmetic, memory, exponent, reciprocal, tax computations, and an automatic power-down feature—are available on this high-end calculator.

If you’re considering purchasing a calculator with a luxurious design and sleek design, this might be the one for you. You might even be able to afford one of the priciest bags to carry your elegant and classy calculator in.

9. Hewlett Packard – $1,795

One of the earliest programmable calculators, this lovely machine the desktop calculator was created in 1968. Even though it couldn’t compete with IBM, the producer nevertheless wanted to refer to it as a computer. So, they chose the name “calculator,” which was a wise choice even though some newspapers misidentified it as a computer.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • It was the first contemporary scientific calculator that allowed you to conduct computerized algebraic equations and solve scientific and engineering problems.
  • The HP 9100A outperformed its time, and as a result, it is quite valuable. The most expensive real-world calculator in use is this one, which costs $4900.
  • Yet because of the virtual calculator “Wolfram Mathematica” and the “Grillet portable Calculator’- an antique, we gave it the 9th position in this list of the world’s most expensive calculators.

10. Louis Vuitton Monogram Pocket Calculator

Louis Vuitton is synonymous with high-end products like bags, shoes, wallets, luggage, etc. You may not be aware, though, that they also provide a Louis Vuitton calculator.

Priced at $1,265 is the Louis Vuitton Impossible Find Monogram Pocket Calculator. The Louis Vuitton Pocket Calculator is a famous, straightforward calculator shaped like a wallet and simple to keep.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • Louis Vuitton, established in 1854, is a well-known brand for being a status symbol.
  • It’s challenging for these items to escape notice given the high demand for the brand on a global scale. Coupled with its connotation with wealth seemingly basic calculator earns its price tag.
  • Only a limited number of handcrafted Louis Vuitton products are made. It maintains the price tag and demand high for all Louis Vuitton items.
  • The brand’s excellent track record justifies the expensive price tag on this calculator. Items by Louis Vuitton are frequently regarded as investments, and this one is no exception.

Understanding why Louis Vuitton is so expensive may help you decide if you want to invest in one. Louis Vuitton will continue to be pricey and opulent. See why they are one of the most expensive brands by going through this post.


There are some top 10 Most Expensive Calculators of All Time. The most expensive calculators have quite elaborate one-of-a-kind designs. The majority of the understated, attractive models, and merely have affordable price tags. The market worth of a basic design does not seem to be the same as a complicated one, even though one may argue that it is more aesthetically beautiful.