• Career Paths for Video Editors

Here are some of the most famous roles that you’ll find in the world of video editing:

  • Film Editor – Works on feature-length productions, making sure that the film follows the director’s innovative vision. Assembles clips in a sequence, cutting together the footage and creating the story.
  • TV Studio Editor – Much of the work that takes place in a TV studio is about making things happen in real-time. Concentrates on switching between cameras, overlay graphics, and other visuals that support live broadcast audiences’ experience of the show.
  • Event Video Editor – Many occasions, particularly weddings, are captured on video for the customers. There’s an abundance of this work to go around, and it’s a popular way to get your start in video editing.
  • Web Video Editor – Works on short-form videos designed to be broadcasted on the web. The variety of customers and subject matters you can work with is endless and could vary from week to week.
  • Animator – Makes motion graphics, and puts the finishing touches on productions. In addition to the ordinary video editing platforms, they have skills in effects programs like Adobe After Effects as well.