The process of creating visual content that expresses messages or information is known as graphic design. Students in graphic design courses use features like images, colors, fonts, illustrations, and icons to create visual content. Undergraduate or graduate courses in this design specialization are available to candidates who wish to pursue careers in graphic design. Candidates can enroll in Graphic Design courses at some of the top After-12 Graphic Design Schools Near Me. One can find employment as a graphic designer, picture editor, design manager, teacher lecturer, etc. after completing a graphic design course. Applicants can read the article through to learn more specifics about the Graphic Design Courses After 12th Fees.

Students can enroll in a Graphic Design course after passing their 10+2 exams from a recognized board in the Science, Arts, or Commerce streams.

With the use of a computer or specialized program, students can hone their graphic design skills and grow into experts thanks to graphic design. Courses in Graphic Design Studying graphic visual identity, motion graphics, marketing, advertising graphics, illustration, and much more is usually prioritized after the twelfth grade. To advance in the graphics domain, students must attend training classes and complete numerous practice sessions.

Courses in Graphic Design The costs related to each program differ. Nonetheless, the basic costs for different graphic design courses range from Rs 25000 to Rs 30000.

Those who pass the 10th or 12th exam with a minimum grade or percentage are eligible to apply to any of the graphic design programs. The requirements for admission to each graphic design program may differ from one another.

Benefits of Graphic Design Courses After 12th Fees:

Benefits of Graphic Design Course After 12th: By multiplying skills, one can grow to related courses and develop solidarity in their profile. Graphic design courses also open the door to a variety of other skill-based education programs. Another interesting option is graphic design, which may provide competent applicants with some amazing career opportunities. It is worthwhile to talk about a graphic design degree holder’s salary.

Note: By reading this article through to the end, students can learn lots of things. We have covered all the essential information, including fees, duration, eligibility, and many other points, in our post, so those searching for the best graphic design programs after the 12th grade should check it out.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th Highlights

Course Name: Graphic Designing Courses

Duration: 6 to 12 months

Admission Process Online, offline

Eligibility 12th Pass with 45% marks

Offer By Daira Tech Skills Academy

Fee Structure INR 25,000 – INR 30,000

Type offline

What is the Graphic Designing?

A creative and intellectual endeavor, graphic design involves creating objects and characters to convey specific messages to target audiences. The design concept is “Form performs a stated function.” When communicating, the graphic designer collaborates with a translator or information processor. Their focus is on understanding, classifying, and presenting graphic data.

An in-depth design could be based on a user’s spoken commands, both verbally and nonverbally expressed, with design work converting spoken language into visual aids. The practical application of a wide range of skills focused on visual communication is required in the field of graphic design.

What Is Covered in a Graphic Design Course?

The ability to create a raw visual in textual and creative effect design is a requirement for graphic design. Students learn tools that facilitate their practice with graphic design in this course. It all comes down to creating designs using computers and giving the audience an engaging visual experience. This course is becoming more and more in demand every day, and new ideas and modifications are being added.

The graphic design course is an option for students who would prefer to enroll in skill-based courses rather than their usual theory-based coursework. After completing the course, students can access effective job profiles with the support of professional training.

What are the Needs for Graphic Design Courses After the 12th?

The candidates must have skills and meet some needs provided by the institute for the course in graphic design.

  • Require you to qualify for passing the intermediate final examination.
  • Good communication skills are the core need for becoming a graphic designer.
  • These individuals should have the creative skills to create unique and fresh ideas while developing graphic designs constantly.
  • Maintaining the skill of time management is the most important because without managing something at the right time, you cannot succeed.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Learners with an interest in graphic design can register for many courses. The various courses are available in Indian institutes at undergraduate and graduate levels. For students, who cannot afford degree programs, diploma and post-graduate diploma programs are available.

A student must complete the course in Daira Tech Skills Academy for nearly six months certificate program.

Graphic design course fees vary depending on the institute and duration of the course in India. Short-term courses typically have fees between ₹30,000 and ₹2,50,000, while degree programs can cost anywhere from ₹1,00,000 to ₹5,00,000.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th: Eligibility Criteria :

Entrance exams and merit requirements are also used to determine a student’s admission to undergraduate, certificate, or diploma programs. Students must pass the 10+2 qualification with a minimum of 50% to be eligible under the merit-based criteria.

Students can refer to the section below, where we have listed the prerequisites for the graphic design courses, to see the eligibility requirements for Courses After 12th Graphic Design.

Graphic Design Courses: Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor of Graphic Design -Students should score at least 50% marks in 10+2
  • Graphic Design Certificate Courses- Students should have completed 10th and 12th from a known board
  • Diploma in Graphic Design- Students must have at least 45 – 50% marks in 12th

Graphic Design Courses: After 12th in India

A graphic design course covers a wide range of topics related to the design of graphics and visual development. Text and images are used together during the graphic design course. Students with a foundational understanding of graphic design courses after 12th grade can potentially have a successful enrollment experience in Indian graphic design programs.

Students interested in the graphic design course in India can apply after completing their intermediate studies. When a single course is the main focus and no other topics or courses are taught, computer-based training is universally acknowledged as skilled-based learning.

Scope in Graphic Design Courses After 12th

If a designer has good experience in their field, they can make between INR 4 and 5 lacs annually after working for a particular company for a good six years. Since the internet’s inception, freelance design has expanded greatly because it allows designers to work for a single company while serving several clients.

Various courses have high demand and a good scope today.

  • User interface graphic design.
  • Art and illustration.
  • Packaging graphic design.
  • Environmental graphic design.
  • Visual identity graphic design.
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design.

Graphic Designing Course After 12th Recruitment Areas

It is a common practice for both public and private institutions to employ graphic designers to work simultaneously on multiple projects for various customers. Freelance design work is another option in this field. Below the section, there is a mention of some job profiles.

  • Web Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Editorial Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Communication Designer


Pursuing Graphic Design courses after 12th in Tricity offers a comprehensive pathway for students to develop skills in visual communication. Graphic design involves creating meaningful visual content through the use of images, colors, fonts, and illustrations. With courses available at reputable institutions like Daira Tech Skills Academy, students can explore various aspects of graphic design, including visual identity, motion graphics, marketing, advertising graphics, and illustration. The eligibility criteria typically require a minimum of 12th-grade completion, with programs ranging from certificates to degrees. The article emphasizes the importance of creative and communication skills for aspiring graphic designers. The investment in such courses, with fees ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000, opens doors to diverse career opportunities, including roles as graphic designers, editors, layout designers, and more. The expansive scope in areas like user interface design, art and illustration, and marketing graphics adds to the appeal of these courses. Overall, the article serves as a valuable guide for those seeking information on Graphic Design courses after the 12th grade, covering essential details such as fees, eligibility, and potential career paths.

FAQs of Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Ans: Yes, Candidates who want to get admission to the Graphic Design Courses after the 12th can register for the various programs in graphic design such as UG, Certificate, and Diploma levels after the 12th class.
Ans There are many courses available for students in Graphic design, such as BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, BDes Graphic Design, Diploma in Graphic Design, and many more.
Ans: Students can begin careers in graphic design by completing a course in graphic design. They can begin with an internship and progress to a full-time position from there.
Ans There are many different jobs available for students, including graphic designer, motion graphic designer, art director, and many more. The range of average salary is INR 3.0 LPA to INR 9.2 LPA.